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Return of Employment Slow, Millions Still Seek Unemployment Assistance

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Heartland Summit

The mission of the Heartland Summit is to showcase the exciting innovation happening between the coasts, spark frank conversations about the challenges the region is facing, and build networks to sustain economic growth and power problem solving across the country.

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Entrepreneurs are key to Tennessee's economic recovery | Opinion

Ross DeVol, Guest columnist

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Twenty Top Entrepreneurial Ecosystems Across America

Heartland Forward, identified 20 top entrepreneurial ecosystems across America based on the share of employment by small firms, and the number of college-educated employees in those firms.

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Return of Employment Slow, Millions Still Seek Unemployment Assistance

This week’s report revealed that roughly 1.9 million initial claims for unemployment insurance were filed the week ending May 23, 2020. An additional 1.2 million claims were filed for the Pandemic Unemployment Assistance program.

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Heartland Forward expands research efforts with addition of new fellow

Yee-Lin Lai, specialist in entrepreneurial development, joins the “think and do” tank as a fellow

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Heartland Forward welcomes new Summer intern

Browning will dedicate time to supporting the innovation and entrepreneurship program

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A 10-Point Plan to Reopening with Richard Florida

Richard Florida, Heartland Forward Senior Fellow, University of Toronto Professor, and NYU Fellow, discusses his co-authored 10-point plan on how cities can prepare for the future.

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The Coming Age of Dispersion

Joel Kotkin
As of this writing, the long-term effects of the coronavirus pandemic remain uncertain. But one possible consequence is an acceleration of the end of the megacity era.

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Initial Unemployment Insurance Claims Continue Rise as States Catch Up

Dave Shideler and Jonas Crews
This week’s report revealed that nearly 2.98 million initial claims for unemployment insurance were filed the week ending May 9, 2020. Nineteen states saw their continued claims fall, suggesting that people may be going back to work in those states.

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KOTKIN: One Nation, Under Lockdown, Divided By Pandemic

Rather than rallying the nation, COVID-19 has amplified every fissure in this society from class to race, but perhaps most of all regarding geography.

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Rise in Unemployment Insurance Claims Moderating, Foreshadows Record Job Losses

Dave Shideler and Jonas Crews

This week’s report revealed that nearly 3.17 million initial claims for unemployment insurance were filed the week ending May 2, 2020

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Young firms and the entrepreneurial ecosystems that spawned and nurtured them

COVID-19 Consequences for Manufacturing

Manufacturing faces increased job losses due to COVID-19, but this presents the industry an opportunity to re-evaluate supply chains, introduce new products, and innovate – to leverage the Heartland’s resources and build resilient economies.

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Unemployment Continues to Rise, Recovery Seems Elusive

Initial unemployment claims continue to rise, though at a slower rate for the 3rd week in a row. Enhanced unemployment benefits pose a challenge to reopening the economy.

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Insured Unemployment Rates Chart Progress in Reopening States’ Economies

In addition to our analysis on initial and cumulative unemployment insurance claims by state, we introduce analysis on insured unemployment rates by state to better monitor responses to states that are reopening their economies.``

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The Education Puzzle Part 1

Featuring Kansas Gov. Laura Kelly, FCC chairman Ajit Pai, and Khan Academy CEO Sal Khan

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The Education Puzzle Part 2

Featuring Arkansas Gov. Asa Hutchinson, Common Sense Media CEO Jim Steyer, and Coursera CEO Jeff Maggioncalda

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Panelist Ross DeVol and others provide insight into the COVID-19 Heartland aftermath.

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In a conversation with Heartland Summit Executive Director, Angie Cooper

Michigan’s Health and Economic Situations Are Dire

Ross DeVol, Dave Shideler and Jonas Crews
New weekly unemployment insurance claims continue to moderate, but remain at levels unseen before the COVID-19 outbreak. In addition, new claims filed since March 1st are now above 20 percent of pre-outbreak employment in some states.

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The Coronavirus Is Changing the Future of Home, Work, and Life

Joel Kotkin
COVID-19 is hitting dense urban areas the hardest, and accelerating the dispersion of Americans that had already been underway.

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COVID-19 Exposes the Heartland’s Digital Divide

David Shideler and Jonas Crews
Because of the digital divide, not all parts of U.S. have benefited from the utility of broadband connectivity during the coronavirus pandemic

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Louisiana in the bullseye of the COVID-19 Economic Crisis

David Shideler and Jonas Crews
New weekly unemployment insurance claims have come down slightly from last week's record-setting levels. Looking at the unemployment insurance data and data on confirmed COVID-19 cases, Louisiana is being severely impacted from both a health and economic perspective.

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Another Record-breaking Week for Unemployment Claims as Coronavirus Fallout Continues

David Shideler and Jonas Crews
The U.S. posted 5.8 million1 unemployment insurance (UI) claims being filed during the week ending March 28, breaking last week’s record for UI initial claims filed in a given week.

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Coronavirus Hits Already-Vulnerable Heartland Oil And Gas Industries Hard

Ross DeVol
Texas, Oklahoma, North Dakota and Louisiana will bear some of the most severe impact from COVID-19, as oil and gas operations suffer

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Texas reeling into recession from double blows of coronavirus and oil slump, Comptroller Glenn Hegar says

Using the ‘r’ word, Hegar sees no avoiding a recession and predicts the state’s recovery will be slow

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Heartland Travel Hubs Face Economic Fall-out from COVID-19

Dave Shideler
The Heartland is home to a significant portion of the United State’s airlines and aerospace manufacturing. Given the huge drop-off in airline travel and the significant role that travel, tourism, airlines, and aerospace manufacturing play in the Heartland's economy, we wanted to dive into this area further.

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COVID-19 Impacts Lead to Record-setting Rise in Unemployment Claims

Dave Shideler and Jonas Crews
The economic slowdown resulting from the coronavirus outbreak has led to massive increases in new unemployment insurance claims

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Coronavirus Regional Economic Impacts and Policy Responses

Ross DeVol
How COVID-19 will impact communities in the Heartland and beyond, and how policymakers can respond

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How our cities can reopen after the COVID-19 pandemic

Richard Florida and Steven Pedigo
No pandemic or plague or natural disaster has killed off “the city,” or humanity’s need to live and work in urban clusters.

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Des Moines is 'flyover country' no more: Millennials choose Heartland

Ross DeVol
While Heartland states like Iowa have been labeled "flyover country," there is new evidence that young people — our economic engines of the future — are choosing to settle in cities likes Des Moines instead of fleeing for the coasts.

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Coronavirus and the future of living and working in America

By late spring, the most severe impacts from the coronavirus may be fading, but its impact on how we live and work will not go away.

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Unemployment Claims Predict Future Economic Impacts of COVID-19

Dave Shideler and Jonas Crews
Recent federal changes to the unemployment insurance (UI) program authorized employee eligibility under certain conditions related to COVID-19

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New Research Finds Increasing Millennial Migration And Economic Opportunity In The Heartland

Heartland Forward Senior Fellow Joel Kotkin and his contributors address a fundamental topic for future economic success in the Heartland

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Heartland Forward Expands Research Efforts With Addition Of New Fellow

Economist Minoli Ratnatunga Joins The "Think And Do" Tank To Conduct Research On Economic Performance In The Heartland

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Heartland Forward Appoints Global Public Policy Expert as Heartland Summit Executive Director

Heartland Forward announced today that Angie Cooper will lead the mission and operations of Heartland Summit, the think and do tank’s annual event in Bentonville, Ark. The Heartland Summit showcases innovation between the coasts, sparks honest conversations about the challenges of the region, ignites systems for sustained economic growth and inspires problem-solving in the heart of the country.

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Heartland Forward Welcomes Dr. Dave Shideler as Chief Research Officer

Publisher: Put young talent at the Baton Rouge power table

Ross DeVol -- “It’s not small firms that create growth, its young firms that scale up,” he said. “It’s important to innovate and create new firms because eventually your anchor firms are not going to be as dominant.” Young entrepreneurs matter.

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Talent that executes is key to future of Baton Rouge

Ross DeVol gives keynote at the CPEX Smart Growth Summit in Baton Rouge

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Talent May Be Shifting Away From Superstar Cities

Author, Richard Florida is a senior Fellow at Heartland Forward, co-founder, and editor at large of CityLab and a senior editor at The Atlantic.

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St. Louis Federal Reserve economist says U.S. economy is in ‘pretty good place’

An economic briefing hosted by the Little Rock branch of the Federal Reserve Bank of St Louis and Heartland Forward, a research institute established recently and based in Bentonville.

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Ross DeVol Interviews with Paul Gatling, Talk Business & Politics

Ross DeVol, president and CEO of Heartland Forward, discusses the new ‘think and do tank’ with Northwest Arkansas Business Journal Editor Paul Gatling.

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Think Tank Focused on Heartland Launches in Bentonville

Listen to Ozarks at Large interview with Heartland Forwards CEO Ross DeVol

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