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Heartland by the Numbers

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Heartland Summit

The mission of the Heartland Summit is to showcase the exciting innovation happening between the coasts, spark frank conversations about the challenges the region is facing, and build networks to sustain economic growth and power problem solving across the country.

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Heartland Forward Appoints Global Public Policy Expert as Heartland Summit Executive Director

Heartland Forward announced today that Angie Cooper will lead the mission and operations of Heartland Summit, the think and do tank’s annual event in Bentonville, Ark. The Heartland Summit showcases innovation between the coasts, sparks honest conversations about the challenges of the region, ignites systems for sustained economic growth and inspires problem-solving in the heart of the country.

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Heartland Forward Welcomes Dr. Dave Shideler as Chief Research Officer

Publisher: Put young talent at the Baton Rouge power table

Ross DeVol -- “It’s not small firms that create growth, its young firms that scale up,” he said. “It’s important to innovate and create new firms because eventually your anchor firms are not going to be as dominant.” Young entrepreneurs matter.

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The Rise Of the Rest bus tour will stop in multiple Heartland cities, including Northwest Arkansas

In Northwest Arkansas, the tour will partner with the Heartland Summit, an annual gathering to kick start economic growth in the middle of the country. In St. Louis, following a day focused on agricultural innovation, the pitch competition will feature AgTech startups from across the country pitching for the Rise of the Rest Seed Fund investment.

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THE CASE for GROWTH CENTERS How to spread tech innovation across America

Insightful analysis about the growth of the high-tech innovation sector and the need to position more Heartland metro areas as tech centers

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Ross DeVol - Research revelations

He was living in Los Angeles at the time and working in a high-profile, internationally recognized position. The offer to join a new, untested "think and do tank" in Arkansas might not have appealed to some people, but to DeVol, it was all but irresistible.

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Talent that executes is key to future of Baton Rouge

Ross DeVol gives keynote at the CPEX Smart Growth Summit in Baton Rouge

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Talent May Be Shifting Away From Superstar Cities

Author, Richard Florida is a senior Fellow at Heartland Forward, co-founder, and editor at large of CityLab and a senior editor at The Atlantic.

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Intentional investment is the key for communities to thrive

Ross DeVol Delivers keynote address at the annual CPEX Smart Growth Summit in Baton Rouge, LA

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St. Louis Federal Reserve economist says U.S. economy is in ‘pretty good place’

An economic briefing hosted by the Little Rock branch of the Federal Reserve Bank of St Louis and Heartland Forward, a research institute established recently and based in Bentonville.

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Ross DeVol Interviews with Paul Gatling, Talk Business & Politics

Ross DeVol, president and CEO of Heartland Forward, discusses the new ‘think and do tank’ with Northwest Arkansas Business Journal Editor Paul Gatling.

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Think Tank Focused on Heartland Launches in Bentonville

Listen to Ozarks at Large interview with Heartland Forwards CEO Ross DeVol

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Waltons Backing Research Institute

Research institute aims to foster economic growth in the central U.S.

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