2022 Heartland Forward Year in Review

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As a “think-and-do” tank, our research informs our programs and our programs inform our research. Over the course of 2022, Heartland Forward’s work took both aspects of our mission to new heights.

The scope of research ranged from  improving health access in rural communities and developing strong talent pipelines to ranking the most dynamic metros and micros in the U.S. and more. Most importantly, each report emphasizes solutions for policymakers to advance the economic prosperity in the center of the country.

Our programs drove real impact in the heartland. By the end of 2022, 324 builders across 16 communities in the heartland had completed the Builders and Backers Idea Accelerator program and are on their way to starting their businesses. 

Through the Connecting the Heartland campaign, we launched several programs with community partners to:

  • develop local broadband plans, 
  • enroll people in the federal Affordable Connectivity Program (ACP) to access affordable internet service and devices and 
  • support our 14 American Connection Corps fellows as they continued to expand digital equity.  

Our work has made headlines, been discussed on big stages and reached communities across the United States. 

We are so proud of what we have accomplished and the partnerships that make this all possible.

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