Briefing: Manufacturing in the Heartland by Business Forward

01:12 – Will McIntee’s remarks
13:47 – Ross DeVol’s opening remarks
18:22 – Rick Platt’s opening remarks
20:35 – Q&A moderated by Mayor Nan Whaley

On April 1, Business Forward hosted a briefing on manufacturing in the Heartland. White House Associate Director of Public Engagement Will McIntee joined for introductory remarks on how the Biden Administration’s American Jobs Plan will impact the Heartland. After these remarks, Mayor Nan Whaley of Dayton, Ohio moderated a discussion between CEO of Heartland Forward Ross DeVol and CEO of Heath-Newark-Licking County Port Authority Rick Platt on manufacturing in the Heartland, answering questions from business leaders on entrepreneurship, reshoring jobs, and how climate concerns affect electric vehicle suppliers and the manufacturing sector, overall.