Economic Savings in America: A Story of Public-Private Partnership in Rapid COVID-19 Vaccine Development and Deployment

The rapid development and deployment of vaccines during the COVID-19 pandemic lessened the impact of the virus on the economy, generating an estimated economic savings in the U.S. of $438 billion in terms of 2021 real GDP gain, or 2.3% of 2021 real GDP. These savings, and the development of the vaccine itself, are possible because of the United States’ unique public-private partnership between government agencies, academia and the biopharmaceutical industry that supports innovations in disease therapy.

Heartland of Opportunity

This report focuses on how to identify opportunity occupations for working-class people and what locations are well suited to grow and support these occupations. Can the American Dream be saved? The U.S. middle-class, which epitomizes American values such as hard work, commitment to family and the expectation that a relatively secure future is achievable for almost all, is less easily obtained today than… Continue reading Heartland of Opportunity

Arkansas Economic Recovery Strategy

Commissioned By The Governor’s Taskforce For Economic Recovery COVID-19 has caused substantial economic dislocations in Arkansas and across the nation. It has accelerated changes that were already underway, such as the ability to work remotely on a large scale and the necessity for high-speed internet access to conduct commerce, obtain educational and workforce training and… Continue reading Arkansas Economic Recovery Strategy

The Emergence of the Global Heartland

Landesflaggen vor der Messe

A major shift in the demographic evolution of America is occurring, largely out of sight in the national media, but profoundly affecting communities throughout the Heartland. The 20 state region,i which extends between the Appalachians and the Rockies, has for generations been largely unaffected by the massive movement of people from abroad that has so… Continue reading The Emergence of the Global Heartland

Is Racial Economic Inequality Worse in Rural Areas? Spoiler Alert: It Ain’t

An analysis of the success gap between Black and white individuals, not only how it varies by region and ruralness of the childhood community, but also how the relationship between the success gap and ruralness varies by region. It is well-established that, in the United States, the likelihood of a Black individual being economically successful… Continue reading Is Racial Economic Inequality Worse in Rural Areas? Spoiler Alert: It Ain’t


Reshoring is the relocation of production facilities to, or the creation of new ones in, the United States. Many domestic and foreign companies are recognizing the strategic advantages of locating in the United States, such as protecting intellectual property, shortening supply chains and shrinking wage differentials between the United States, China and other overseas locations.

Most Dynamic Micropolitans 2019

The Most Dynamic Micropolitan Index, which ranks the 531 micropolitan areas across the U.S., analyzes the economic performance and indicators that impact the social and economic fabric of America. As American as baseball, hot dogs and apple pie, Main Street America – and its small towns – is a central component to understanding the economic… Continue reading Most Dynamic Micropolitans 2019

Most Dynamic Metropolitans 2020

Our Most Dynamic Metropolitan Index and the analysis in this report provide objective insight into the communities providing economic opportunity for their residents, separating high performers from the low.